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Celtic Lakes Resort
Creuddyn Bridge
Lampeter, West Wales
SA48 8PY

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Janet Jones

07896 411650

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Celtic Lakes Resort - Lake 3

Lake 3 is one of group of smaller lakes at the southern end of the fishery at Celtic Lakes. Around 1.5 acres with 10 pegs with depths reaching 6ft at the deepest point. One of the banks is cut straight down while the others are cut at 45 deg.

The banks have matured quickly since being planted with reeds and irises. Beds of lilies planted in th shallower areas provide excellent fish holding areas.

Lake 3 has been stocked with smaller carp than the larger lakes with Marc Simmonds common carp between 5lb and 8lb, common carp up to about 5lb, bream to around 2lb as well as plenty of roach, rudd, tench and koi carp.

Who will this lake appeal to:
Lake 3 will appeal to those who prefer not to fish large waters, instead preferring to fish well stocked smaller pools. It is already becoming a firm favourite with families and anglers with children.

Best baits and tactics:
No information currently available. Why not let us know what has worked well for you?

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